The Need For a Masjid in Sachse

The ever growing Sachse Muslim society can not accommodate its seniors, children and sisters because of lack of space. Jumma salats are hectic. Multiple monthly events are crowded. Our current location is very space limited.

Limited Space

Currently can only serve 20% of Sachse Muslim Population (not including Wylie and Rockwell).

Risk of not being able to renew lease


Muslims represent 2.6% of Sachse Population.

Sasche grows On average 2.7%.

~300 Muslim Families by 2030


Longer drive time (>20mins) for Sachse Muslim Community to closest Islamic center.

Close by Masjid are fully saturated especially during Jummas and Ramadan

Our temperately house Masjid on the land until we InshaAllah Move in to the Finished Project. 

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New Masjid Quick Facts

Required Funds

1 M
1 K
On Hands
1 K
Required for Ground Breaking
0 M
Required for Move In

What Community Leaders are saying

Time Line


Pre Work


Complete Ground work


Move in