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7340 TX-78 Suite 280 Sachse, TX. 75038

Donating towards a new masjid is one of the best forms of charity because it’s the gift that keeps giving back. Imagine how many Muslims will get to pray in a house that you helped build.


Sheikh Yusuf Estes


Whoever builds a house of Allah, Allah will build him one in Jannah…lets build our palace in Jannah

Sheikh Omar Suleiman


Its exciting to see the neighborhoods come up and amongst the first things that you see in Sachse is the house of Allah 

Sheikh Monzer Taleb

Motivational speaker

Sachse Masjid will serve surrounding cities, easily 1000 muslim families 




Imagine Donating a Space that Your Muslim Brother/Sister will Pray On 5 times a day, 7 Days a Week.

You Don't Have to Imagine. You Can Do It Below. The Only Thing You Will be Imagining is your House in Jannah!

Each Brick Package Includes: Bricks, Interior CMU Brick, Mortar, Sheeting, Electricty, Plumbing and Labor

Fund a Brick Package(s) towards the Construction of Sachse Masjid

Donate a Square Foot or More and claim your House in Jannah

Cover the cost of a prayer spot!

Help Build the Masjid! The new home community center.

The ever growing Sachse Muslim society can not accommodate its congregation because of lack of space. Ramadan and Jumma salats are over crowded. Now is the best time to help.

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